Scott Adams the hilarious creator of Dilbert called the Trump victory in an interview on the Tim Ferriss Podcast over a year ago. He described how the powers behind the now president elect orchestrated a perfect clinic in Neurolinguistic Programming, one so powerful that it has systematically used the system to trounce the system. Conspiracy theories aside, everybody loves a winner, and the machine that is President-elect Trump has cranked out a victory that very few saw coming.

What comes next? Lord only knows.

I remember reading the Art of the Deal, my biggest takeaways were; hire attractive secretaries, and the story about being over 900 million dollars in debt. I’ve managed to create quite a mess of my own life using those valuable lessons. Real estate developer, casino magnate, gold course tycoon, shameless self promoter and now president elect of the United States of America. Truly a testament to the power of the American Dream. Somebody with no business being in politics and no experience as an elected official is now the leader of the free world and now holds the highest elected office in the land. The little engine that could, maybe not should, but definitely did. Definitely inspirational?

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