Knowledge versus execution

Knowing versus doing. The roots of our habits reach deep into our being, the fundamental neurophysiological patterns are so ingrained in us that to create lasting change in our behaviors is such a monumental task that relapses are practically inevitable.

How’s that for an uplifting message?

Health, finances, relationships. Three of the most common sources of dissatisfaction within a person’s life. The secret recipes to optimizing them.

Eat less than you burn. Exercise daily. Consistency beats intensity.

Spend less than you earn. Consistently invest the difference in tax efficient vehicle with compounding interest.

No rhyme for this one, just treat your partner when you’re with them the same way as if you were still chasing them . Consistently do NOT keep score.

That’s it.

A handful of sentences encapsulates the collective wisdom of all humanity in these three arenas. The knowledge is simple and has been regurgitated in countless forms spawning billions upon billions of dollars worth of industries.

Simple knowledge and information alone are absolutely useless. The inter webs are rife with endless pages on every facet of conceivable knowledge yet we are left increasingly bereft of wisdom, satisfaction and peace. Perhaps the solution is that there is no problem and we are all just a hypochondriac Lady Macbeth grappling with imaginary psoriasis.

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