Much too young to feel this damn old

With Las Vegas in the rearview mirror and thoughts of the highway on my mind I took a long winding drive through the desert in the pouring rain.

Quite scenic.

Spent a good part of the drive being present and one with the road. Spent a lot more ruminating on the what ifs and the whys that plague my monkey mind. If I had won more, lost more, what would be different. What would I do differently? What could I do differently?

Those are all the wrong questions.

Who do I get to be now?

I have taken the red pill and ripped myself out of the matrix I was confined in. Nothing but time and open road. People often ask what would you do if you were diagnosed with a terminal illness?

How would you live if you knew you were going to die?

Well we all die don’t we? So why do we live the ways that do?

Why do we shackle ourselves to the demands and constraints of convention? Why do we limit our choices to the A,B,C menu? What the hell are we chasing and what the hell are we running from?

I took a long drive, watched the thunderclouds and lightning strikes on my left and the columns of sunlight in the valley on my right. I watched the sunset through the clouds. I enjoyed a meal. I went to Costco. I watched reruns of Martin. I read a book my Scott Adams. I marinated some steaks. I had a couple of beers. I listened to Tim McGraw sing about skydiving, bull riding and bird watching.

Life really is that simple.


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