Riding off into the sunset

Born and raised in New York on dim sum and Cantonese ballads yet somewhere along the way I developed penchant for country music. I have often wistfully fantasized about riding off into the sunset in a Ford F-150 cowboy hat and all with George Strait playing in the background. There was no romantically dramatic saunter into oblivion for me, but rather an anxiety riddled resolution to turn off my cell phone and go.

So that’s what I did. I turned that sucker off. Not airplane mode, not silent, just POWER OFF.

It’s been less than 12 hours.

I feel as if I’ve been ripped out from the matrix. The monkey mind plugged into the hive mind for every waking minute is an insidious mental prison which holds us increasingly hostage with every random google search, we chat message, personal email, work email, watsapp notification, text, Facebook update, slack, dust, reddit, phone call, call waiting, 3 way calls, Skype conferences and youtube videos.

A constant hyperactive twitchy readiness to respond, process and swipe to the next thought. The implicit and explicit demands for an immediate answer at any given time throughout each and every day. It is a modern day form of masochistic torture which we gleefully inflict on our battered neurotransmitters.

I for one have had enough. What kind of world has it become where typing my thoughts into the blogosphere is a form of digital detox relaxation?

This is where the cowboy rides away. 




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