WFIO Again and again and again

We’re. Fucked. It’s. Over. An unfortunately catchy acronym from the venerable Ben Horowitz’s, legendary silicon valley entrepreneur and author of “The Hard Things About Hard Things.”

For the last few months my company has been going through the spasms of cataclysm as our investors fled for the hills to lawyer up and our partners turned on each other. Poring over our burning financial statements is part surgery and part autopsy. How did we make so many of the same mistakes and so many new ones for the umpteenth time.

Lack of accountability, lack of accounting, lack of financial optics and the inability to tell certain people to fuck off and simply to tell others NO. These combined with losing momentum at the tail end of a handful of critical deals has led to a dangerous death spiral. The road back to stability and victory is fraught with challenges.

One by one we have been addressing the anger, disappointment, fear and rampant speculation. The toll it has taken on my psyche is enormous. I am the architect of this madness, the vaunted CEO of a would be private equity company and an aspirational real estate developer. One of my favorite speakers often said “Failure isn’t a single cataclysmic event. Failure is a series of errors in judgement compounded consistently.” We have compounded our errors time and time again.

Now once again I find myself on the verge of bankruptcy, disaster and oblivion. I don’t see a way, but I know that there is Grace from everlasting to everlasting and I turn to it now for deliverance.


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