A cautionary tale: How I built a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio with nothing.

This is not going to be a fairy tale success story. This is a story of abject failure. Despite creating opportunities of a lifetime with virtually no resources all I have to show for it is burned bridges, broken friendships, crushing debt and pending litigation.

Armed with a deadly combination of youth, enthusiasm, friendliness and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and an unabashed desire for obscene wealth I set out to build my empire. It was the early 2014 and the sting of my latest string of failures had faded into a dull ache. I was back to square one as a real estate agent in a backwater brokerage in Queens. I had one condo sale in contract and had already advanced half of the commission.

My credit had been destroyed during my college years in fruitless attempts at becoming a professional poker player. All of my assets had been sold off and repossessed when my startup imploded. My warm market was non existent thanks to a spirited foray into Multi-Level Marketing in which I signed up for $499 and ended up spending $500,000 to create lifetime residual income. That’s a story for another day.

With both feet planted firmly upon a foundation of no credit and no income, I set forth to build a real estate investment company which would hunt down distressed assets to fix and flip. This would kick into motion an unbelievable two and a half year adventure which would take me around the world and leave me with over $15,000,000 in debt sitting in front of a laptop on a saturday morning with a bag of coins on my desk hammering out this cautionary tale.





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